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♥ Roxy ♥《PC & QUEST》

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This avatar is considered as finished product, if you meet any issue please open a ticket on my server!

───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────

Discord Server

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Don't know how to upload avatars? I do paid uploads please join my server for more info!

If the videoplayer is buggy check the youtube vid here

.˳⁺⁎˚ ꒰ఎ ★ ໒꒱ ˚⁎⁺˳ .

Package includes:

✚| Unity Package

✚| SDK 3.0

✚| Dissolve toggles for clothes + Extras (Top, Skirt, Socks, Bracelet, Panties, Heels, Ears, Tail fluffy, Tail short, Pasties, Whiskers, Fishbone, Glasses, Lush + Nora + Crop + Flogger, Men juice)

✚| Hair Colors

✚| White and Black clothes

✚| Hue Eyes

✚| Skin Tone Slider 

✚| Bruises + Bit marks Toggle

✚| Ear twitch

✚| BDSM Toys (Crop + Flogger + Gagball)

✚| Naughty Toys: Nora (With movement) + Lush (with sound effects)

✚| Cute Face Expressions

✚| Men juice (Mouth + Body)

✚| Dynamic Penetration System Setup Ready♡

✚| Advanced Locomotion for desktop and half body users♡

♡| Head + Body + Wax (Ehem)

♡| Hair

♡| Body tex: Bruises + Bite marks by <3VR, Skin tones, Edited by Numbaat

♡| Eye tex by Kri

♡| Hair Tex Wetcat 

♡| Lewd Drool

♡| Lush & Nora

♡| Crop & Flogger

♡| Gagball

♡| Pet Cage

♡| Pasties

♡| Glasses

♡| Face + Nipple piercing

♡| Shoes + Nails + Ahoge/Antenna by Vica/High <3♡|

♡| Whiskers + Fishbone

♡| Cat ears + Fluffy tail

♡| Cat tail short

♡| Kitty Top

♡| Bracelet 1 + Crosses

♡| Bracelet 2

♡| Tongue

♡| Locomotion Fix by Wetcat

♡| DPS Setup by Fluff

♡| Mai Glass Shader

♡| Renders by Azerino#6618

Some of the videos were recorded on BEBE carrot's worlds

If I did not leave the appropriate credits please let me know ♡

● Mai Glass Shader ➤

● VRC 2019 3.0 SDK:

● Poiyomi:

● Dynamic Penetration Shader



Instructions For Quest Upload:

- Upload the Pc version of the avatar as you usually would

- Open a NEW PROJECT for your quest version

- Import in "Roxy Quest", nothing else is needed to import

- If you are not in android build, go to build > build settings and switch to Android in Unity

- Log in to SDK and go to "Content Manager"

- Find your uploaded PC version of the avatar and copy ID

- Paste your ID in "Blueprint ID" if there is an ID attatched, detatch it first to paste, the re-attach!

- Upload!

If you find it on some illegal page or pass it to you by a "friend" the fault will be yours and YOU will be blacklisted and it is possible that legal action will be taken AGAINST YOU.

Please make sure you have some knowledge on unity.

❖ Do NOT redistribute, resell, price split, share or trade my packages, if you do and I found out, I'll take legal actions.

❖ Do NOT make any of models public.

❖ You CAN NOT claim my avatars as your own. 

❖ If using for streaming or any kind of content creations feel free to do it just credit me!


❖ If you're buying my packages as a gift, please add their info instead. (If its a bundle, put both)

❖ You can edit my avatars as you wish just leave the proper credit if posted on Instagram, Tiktok or any platform.

❖ My avatars are not intended to be used by minors only SFW avis.

❖ I am not responsible for damages caused by external people.

❖ Do not use to give hate speech, politically or religiously while using my work.

Chargebacks lead to an instant ban and blacklist on my server and on the server of my fellow creators. And I will also contact Gumroad/Paypal and I will provide the corresponding information if necessary.

Failure to follow any of the rules above will result in ban and blacklist.

© Copyright Strawbunny. All Right Reserved. Copyright Protected with AND DMCA.COM

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