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My models are legally protected. If any of the rules within the TOS are broken, user will be SERVED and DMCA'D.



Meaning: your license key is needed for uploading the avatar, after using your license key it will be locked the account you have uploaded the avatar to.

  • Models cannot be made public in any form. This includes: distribution to other individuals or groups of people, making the avatars and its contents public on your VRChat account, or being placed in VRChat world avatar pedestals. Edits of my avatars cannot be made public or redistrubuted either. Any edits of my models are to remain for personal use. 
  • Do NOT redistribute, resell, price split, share or trade my packages, if you do and I found out, I'll take legal actions.
  • My models are specifically made for VRCHAT which means I do NOT allow anyone to use them outside the game, exceptions can be made but that has to be asked in private. 
  • If you wanna use my models for streaming on Twitch/Tiktok content or Youtube you have full permission as long as you own the personal licence (NOT RIPPED, NOT LEAKED) to the said model and credit me for the model. 
  • PLEASE DON'T GATEKEEP MY AVATARS. If anyone ask you on any platform what avatar are you using, please link my gumroad or just my name, DON'T SAY "IT'S PRIVATE".
  • Resale of my models is prohibited. Any monetary gain from distributing my models is strictly prohibited, including edits (by yourself or other individuals), direct resale, or being placed in paid gateways. This includes redistribution of my models through monetized model pools (paid access to databases of downloadable models) (e.g. discord nitro boosting, paid discord server access, etc). My models MUST be purchased directly from me. 
  • Editing my models are permitted as long as they are still recognizable, if its been heavily modified and you do NOT own the liscence of any of the assets on the model thats considered stealing assets/asset mining, all the assets I use are always properly credited and if you own the liscence to it you are permitted to use my version of it ( Unless stated otherwise. ) you do not have permission to use any of my edits commercially ( unless I've specifically allowed this ) this is personal use only.
  • My avatars are not intended to be used by minors only SFW avis.
  • I am not responsible for damages caused by external people.
  • Do not use to give hate speech, politically or religiously while using my work.
  • If you download my work from an illegal page, discord leaking server, etc I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE IF THE PACKAGE WAS MODIFIED OR ADDED ANY LOGGER, SCRIPTS, VIRUS, ETC. The only way to get my work legally and completely clean is either on my gumroad or payhip, NOWHERE ELSE. You are more than welcome to review and check my packages after you purchase them. I will not jeopardize my work by adding scripts or things that may cost me my reputation. Please think about the consequences and how good of an idea it is to download files from ILLEGAL places.

All sales are final 

Chargebacks lead to an instant ban and blacklist on my server and on the server of my fellow creators. And I will also contact Gumroad/Paypal and I will provide the corresponding information if necessary.

*Note: Gonso's system makes the FBX (mesh) not editable, we are working hard to let you edit the FBX but currently it is locked, you can still edit everything else in unity no problem you can add new toggles to the avatar by making your own fx layer/parameters and adding them to the avatar, on upload they'll be merged.


Due to the ease and speed at which my packages are leaked, please consider paying the $5 USD fee for my official team to upload the avatar to your account.

To do this follow these steps:

  • Pay the $5 USD fee in my tipjar. Click here
  • Join my discord server
  • Open a ticket and upload screenshots of the receipts. (Both avatar payment and upload fee)
  • My team will contact you as soon as possible.
  • The avatar will be uploaded within 24 hours please do not rush my team.
  • $5 USD = 1 avatar (Quest and pc and OPTI of the same avi count as one)
I don't have the money for the tipjar, can my friend upload it for me?


  • Yes, but PLEASE open a ticket with the discord tag and vrchat username of your friend, if we notified that this person uploaded the avatar to their own account YOU will lose the personal license and both people will be added to my blacklist.


ʚ Can I use your comissioned textures, edits or your materials? ɞ

  •  You may NOT use any comissioned texture, original materials, assets edits, etc. You can't take assets from my models for your personal ones or even comercial ones. That's asset mining, against everyone's TOS.

ʚ Will future avatars be quest? ɞ

  •  Yes, I love my questies. ღ

ʚ I saw a public version of x avatar of yours, what should I do?ɞ

  • Please open a ticket with screenshots and the website link of the uploader, after that please report the avatar for nudity so it gets taken down quickly.
  • I WILL DMCA any account that has any of my work public. Even if you bought it.